All About Bronzers & Self Tanner


Bronzing and self-tanning lotions deliver a natural-looking, sun-kissed glow for a perfect sunless golden tan all year round without skin damage. 


Types of self-tanner and fake tan


Mousses and foams

Self-tanning mousses and foams are popular due to their light and fluffy texture that makes them easy to apply for an even, all-over coverage. Most foams go onto the skin dark so you can see where you’ve applied the tan, minimising unsightly tell-tale streaks. Great for oily skin, foams are also suitable for all skin types.


Lotions and creams 

Self-tanning lotions and creams take a little more time drying than mousses and foams but because they don't absorb into the skin instantly, you have a few extra seconds to blend. The added hydration can also boost the tan’s lasting effect. Their rich and creamy formula makes them ideal for dry skin types.


Moisturisers and milks

Self-tanning moisturisers and milks have a lower concentration of dihydroxyacetone (DHA), the active ingredient in sunless bronzers and tanners, to gradually build a sun-kissed glow with daily use. Perfect for first-time tanners wanting to achieve just a hint of colour, their hydrating formulation is suitable for dry and mature skins. 


Mist sprays

Self-tanning mists are the next best thing to getting a professional salon spray tan and cover every angle imaginable for zero missed spots. There's no need for rubbing or blending into the skin, with the fine mist taking care of dispersing the tanner evenly. A skin sensitive option for acne-prone skins, the lightweight finish of mist tanners eliminates clogged pores.



Self-tanning oils are relatively new but are quickly gaining in popularity due to their rich formula that effectively nourishes and condition the skin. Mature, dry or sensitive skin types do well with oil-based tans, and their moisturising properties add to keeping a longer-lasting tan. An application mitt can be used to apply self-tanning oils; however, they may also be massaged directly into the skin to achieve the desired shade. 


Tips for applying self-tanner and fake tan


  1. For an even, splotch-free tan, exfoliate from head to toe before applying self-tanning products. 
  1. Apply an oil-free moisturiser to your hands, knees and elbows to prevent dry areas from absorbing more pigment.
  2. Wear powder-free disposable gloves to keep your fingernails and palms from staining.
  3. To avoid streaking, apply tanning products in a cool, dry area to stop yourself from perspiring.
  4. Buff any areas that grab too much colour with a mitt, washcloth or cotton pad.
  5. Maintain your sun-kissed glow by using an oil-free body lotion every day.
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