Showpony 20" Human Hair Tape Extensions - #12 White Blonde 10 Pack

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The Showpony Skin Weft Tape Collection is the most discreet form of Tape Hair Extensions on the market.

Tape Removal Process

The removal process can be time-consuming when not done efficiently. We all know time is money in salon, so here is a bullet pointed removal process to help save you time whilst getting the cleanest results. Set up your trolley with:



  1. Section your lowest ROW first
  2. Spray your first sandwich with Tape & Shrinkie remover (about 3-5 sprays) and pinch & massage the sandwich until you feel them start to move against each other
  3. Spray the foundation section where the Tape Extension was attached to the natural hair with the Showpony Luminous Mist. You may find some residue or shedding in that area so use a tail comb to gently brush this out, The Luminous Mist will act as a carrier to remove any oily residue, and washes out of the hair easily being a water soluble oil.
  4. Using the tint brush, immediately brush this section with a little deep cleansing shampoo, taking it all the way to the ends. Let this sit while you move onto the next section. Please note this may take 3-4 deep cleanses.
  5. Once you have finished removing all of the tape extensions, have them washed and dried before retaping
  6. Deep cleanse the client's hair twice to remove all traces of residue. Only use conditioner if absolutely necessary, however ensure it does not touch the root area.
  7. Once all the residue has been removed and client's hair has been blow dried, hot iron the hair on a low temperature to ensure clean sectioning and a precise fall into the freshly taped extension.


Cleansing the Extensions

Before placing the extensions back into the client's hair, you will need to ensure the extensions have been prepped properly;

  • Shampoo the extensions twice, then condition
  • Blow dry the extensions until the tape and the hair are 100% dry
  • Take your replacement tape sheets, and remove the two white segments from the top of the replacement tape
  • Place your fresh, clean extensions sticky side down, directly onto the top of the replacement sheet. Do not remove it from the backing card
  • Continue to place your fresh extensions up the sheet until you have filled the card.
  • Straighten the extensions then continue with your reapplication.


Showpony Tape Quantity Per Application

 PacksPieces / SandwichesWeight (Approx)What It DoesWho's It For
1/4 Head One Pack 10 Pieces / 5 Sandwiches 25 27g
  • Fills in sides
  • Creates weight line
  • Flashes of colour
  • People with fine sides
  • Cuts requiring correction
1/2 Head Two Packs 20 Pieces / 10 Sandwiches 55g
  • Adds Volume
  • Creates weight line
  • Highlights and lowlights
  • Those wanting volume not length. Just cut off to the natural weight line
  • Those wanting colour without having to process their hair
1/3 Head Three Packs 30 Pieces / 15 Sandwiches 75-77g
  • Adds Volume
  • Adds minimum extra length
  • Creates non-committal colour
  • Fills in gaps
  • Those wanting maximum volume without the additional length
  • Those wanting colour effects without having to process their own hair
Full Head Four Packs 40 Pieces / 20 Sandwiches 110g
  • Creates length
  • Adds volume
  • Creates colour change
  • For those that want thick glamorous change
  • For those who want dramatic length
  • For those who just want to enhance what they already have

NB: **Five packs may be used on occasion to add extra thickness for clients who have naturally dense hair. You may also like to add one extra pack in a shorter length to your full head when creating dramatic length change, to create a natural looking layer between the natural hair and the extensions.


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