Zuii Organic was pioneered by Australian mastermind beautician (and all round boss lady) Rose Beesey, way back in the 90's. She created Zuii when she saw that there was a gap in the cosmetics industry, being a range of affordable, beneficial and completely organic products. Organic products that have you looking incredible, while your skin benefits from wearing them – so that’s exactly what she set out to formulate. She created a range of incredible cosmetics which actually work to improve the condition of your skin. Every single ingredient that goes into any Zuii Organic formula is completely organic. Certified Organic, to be exact. With a blend of real flowers, power plant extracts, essential oils, vitamins, minerals and so many other organic goodies – these products are quite revolutionary if you ask us. They work to hydrate, soothe, nourish and protect the skin. Some formulas work to prevent fine lines of aging, while others work to counteract dark under eyes, redness to skin and even help prevent skin conditions from worsening. The most exciting about our products is that we formulate with REAL flowers. Zuii uses Roses, Sunflowers, Chamomile, Jasmine and so much more to provide you with beautiful organic products. So, I guess you can say, you are wearing flowers on your face when your wear Zuii. Zuii blends these with some essential oils, some vitamins and some minerals to transports your senses. What do they mean by that? Well, our formulas legitimately smell of flowers. There are no nasty scents found anywhere around Zuii products, but instead, a completely fresh and floral aroma at all times. Trust us when we say that you will fall in love with it. Zuii are Certified Organic, and their products are made from real flowers. Zuii are Australian Made, preservative free and have no petrochemicals, parabens, talc or GM ingredients anywhere near their products. They don’t test on animals, they provide Vegan options to suit all needs and their products actually benefit the health of your skin.
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