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This semi-matte Korean foundation offers all-day, buildable coverage from just one drop. Micro-powder controls excessive sebum on the surface of the skin, which absorbs oil and balances the pH level. This natural product restores dull skin tones to create a bright and dewy natural-looking complexion with a sheer matte finish. One Drop Miracle is available in 4 different shades to suit your complexion. This bottle is suitable for medium skin with pink undertones. Its SPF factor of 22 gives a protective UVA layer, and due to high adhesiveness, it stays on all day without fading (even when it is hot and humid). Unlike many other formulas, One Drop Miracle contains no allergenic or harmful ingredients and is entirely oil-based. Make-Up Product Winner of the 2018 COSMOPROF Awards. Finalist of the 2018 Pure Beauty Global Awards.
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