Jadore was founded in 2010 by people who live and breathe hair extensions. They had fallen in love with the way hair extensions made people look & feel, but finding a wholesale supplier who could supply good quality hair on a consistent basis was hard. They spent over two years researching and testing different hair types, qualities & grades until they found a range of high-quality and truly premium hair extensions and application methods. Today, they are so proud to offer a range of ethically sourced, premium Remy Russian hair extensions for you to enjoy. Since then, they've also added a range of hair care products specifically formulated for hair extensions. Clients were finding it hard to find products that they could use and would often end up with products that damaged their hair extensions, so we developed a range of hair care products that would give the hair extensions the nutrients they needed to last longer and prevent damage. Jadore are extremely proud to provide our customers with a luxurious and high-quality range of temporary and permanent human hair extensions. The Jadore range is used and loved in salons around the world.
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