Everything You Need to Know About Mascara

Mascara instantly enhances your eyes with formulas that can curl, lengthen, intensify and create more lash volume to naturally beautify and widen your eyes in a matter of seconds.


Types of Mascara



Volumising mascaras instantly plump and add volume to create fuller, more dramatic-looking lashes for all your beautiful and bold eye-makeup looks.



Lengthening mascaras elongate eyelashes without extensions to help lashes reach their maximum length for an exaggerated, instantly intensified eye-opening effect.



Curling mascaras effortlessly shape even the straightest lashes into a delicate curl for a lifted, wide-eyed look without needing a lash curler.



Fibre mascaras are infused with extension-like fibres which attach to your lashes to instantly thicken and elongate your natural eyelashes with just a few strokes. 



Waterproof mascaras provide long-lasting volume and definition to eyelashes that will hold up against sweaty gym sessions, long beach days and everything in between.  


What to look for in a good mascara


1. The wand

When choosing a mascara, the wand can make or break the end result. If it’s volume you’re after, a thick, densely-bristled brush will bolster lashes by picking up lots of product to create bulk. Super-thin wands are ideal for coating every single hair and to lengthen lashes as they give a seamless coating from root to tip. 


2. The formula 

Increasingly, quality mascara formulas are enriched with botanical extracts, amino acids and conditioning oils and vitamin E to go beyond the aesthetic and care for your lashes with nourishing ingredients to boost lash vitality and health and reduce the risk of lash loss. 


3. The colour

Brown or black? When choosing a mascara colour for everyday wear, opt for what has the most natural appearance alongside your skin and hair. Brown mascara can work as a more natural look for people who are fair-skinned and have blonde or red hair as it will provide less contrast with lighter coloured lashes. Anyone with darker hair, or wanting a more dramatic look, should stick to black mascara as it will do the best job of defining your eyelashes regardless of skin tone. 


Tips for applying mascara 


  • Keep your head straight and move your mascara wand back and forth from side to side as you push the brush into the base of your lashes to load up the roots with formula for the most volume impact.
  • Don’t pump the brush into the tube, as it also pushes air in which will make the mascara dry out faster, causing clumping and flaking, and potentially help bacteria grow.
  • Only keep an opened tube for a maximum of six months to avoid eye infections—although you should toss it earlier if it gets clumpy.
  • If you’re using an eyelash curler, do so before applying your mascara. Wet mascara can stick to the curler, accidentally ripping lashes out. Lashes also become harder after mascara dries, making them more vulnerable to breakage when being curled. 


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