Our Range of Makeup Brushes Explained

If you want pro-level results from your makeup routine then the secret is in your makeup brushes.

To get the best results from anything you need the right tools for the job and you need to know how to use them but with so many makeup brushes available, where do you start?

Investing in a few essential makeup brushes and then learning how to use can take your makeup routine from mediocre to head turner.

Let’s take a look a few essential and popular makeup brushes that no one should be without.


Foundation Brushes

Foundation brushes are also sometimes known as power brushes and they’re arguably the most important brush in your makeup arsenal because, once you’ve perfected your foundation routine, you’ll have the perfect canvas to work with.

There are a few different types of foundation brushes, which one you need depends on the type of foundation you prefer and the look you’re after.

The traditional foundation brush has flexible bristles and is flat and tapered, which makes it great for blending liquid or cream foundations. If you use a traditional brush then you should begin toward the middle of your face and blend the foundation in a downward motion.

If you need heavier coverage with flawless results then the buffer brush might be the one for you. This one has densely packed bristles that will buff liquid, cream or powder foundation into your skin for a completely natural look. The buffer brush is great at not leaving you with brush marks too – bonus!

Beauty Blender Brushes are similar to a makeup sponge, however offer a higher degree of control and a more natural finish that traditional makeup brushes. Beauty Blender brushes work by pressing the foundation onto your skin which provides better coverage and more efficient use of your foundation.

As their name suggests, Fan Brushes are thin, fan shaped brushes that are ideal for highlighting, blending, and contouring with a high degree of precision. Their light bristles and thin edges make them perfect for achieving a flawless, natural look.

Powder foundation brushes are big and fluffy with loosely packed bristles that are designed to evenly apply loose or pressed powder foundation. These brushes are also great for setting foundation and concealer with a finishing powder.


Eyeshadow Brushes

Eyeshadow brushes are small, flat and have quite dense bristles too. For best results, you should choose an eyeshadow brush that is slightly smaller than the width of your eyelids as this will allow for easy colour layering and help to blend your eyeshadow across more evenly.


Blush Brushes

Blush brushes are quite similar looking to a foundation brush but they have a more tapered, rounded or angled shape for precise application of blush or bronzer. Some blush brushes appear quite fluffy too.

When using your blush brush, you should swirl the bristles into the powder or bronzer then sweep from the apples of the cheeks upwards toward your hairline with short, light, quick strokes.


Contour Brushes

Your contour brush will have densely packed, stiff bristles with an angled tip that provides more control in carving out the hollows of your cheeks for awesome contours or sculpting the forehead, cheeks, nose and jawline.

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