All About False Eyelashes

If you’re in the Falsies Team you already know the power of false eyelashes. Falsies can elevate your look and transform your eye makeup. They frame your eyes and can change your eye shape. They add length, create volume and can fill in lash gaps.

No glamorous look is complete without some game changer lashes, which you can top up with a layer of mascara.

False Eyelashes first timer?

Scared you’re going to mess up the application? Don’t be. It’s easier than you think, and after you do it once or twice you’ll have it nailed (or glued). It’s a good idea to start with thin lash strips. They slide easily onto your natural lash line, and you can cut them to size to fit your eye shape. Best applied with tweezers and lash glue.

It’s not all glamour

A lot about the falsie is glamourous, obviously. But there is also day to day false eyelash options, that wonderfully enhance a natural look. Just add some single lashes to the corners of your eyes for a light flutter, or a full lash that’s engineered for everyday use. The lashes open your eyes and make a startling difference to your appearance. Trust us, no celebrity would be seen out of their house without their falsies on.

Here at glamaCo we’re thrilled to stock the best possible choice of false eyelashes for you. Buy online or shop in store today.

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