Eyeshadow is a great way to bring out the natural beauty of your eyes and enhance eye shape. No matter what your style, a sweep of eyeshadow colour on your lids can make the most of your eyes, add depth and dimension, and complement your eye colour.


Types of eyeshadow


Compact/pressed powder

Compact or pressed powder shadows are the most popular eyeshadow type because of their wide variety of colours and finishes that are easy to apply and blend.


Cream shadow

Cream eyeshadows are typically very long-lasting and have a soft, creamy texture that makes blending easy and can also serve as a base to make powder shadows pop.


Loose pigment 

Loose pigment shadows are favoured by makeup artists and those looking to create a bold look as their pure pigments are intensely vibrant having not been pressed into a pan.


Pencil or stick

Pencil or stick eyeshadows are easy-to-use, vibrant coloured crayon-like tools that do not need an applicator, can be blended easily, and also double up as colourful liners too.


Baked shadows

Baked eyeshadows offer rich pigmentation in an ultra-smooth and blendable formula that can be applied wet for a more intense colour payoff or dry for a softer, natural look. 


Matte finish

Matte eyeshadows are perfect for everyday wear as their lightweight, classic matte finish creates a defined, yet very natural look that adds just enough colour and is also work appropriate. 


Shimmer finish

Shimmer textured eyeshadows have just the right amount of sparkle to add a shimmery appeal to your eyes along with colour to create drama or add a subtle flattering glow.


What to look for in a good eyeshadow

To find the perfect eyeshadow to complete your look you can use your eye colour, skin tone and hair colour as a guide to help you find a shade that flatters your face and makes your eyes pop. Bronzes, brown tones, and purple-hued neutrals are very versatile and can be worn from day to night. The most useful eye-shadow palettes have a good mix of colours and textures that tie in with one another—something with purples if you have green eyes; earth tones for brown; or bronze and golds for blue eyes.


Tips for applying eyeshadow

  • Apply your eyeshadow before your foundation to make cleaning up fallout a breeze and create cleaner edges.
  • Set the base colour by sweeping a neutral shade over lids to prevent creasing, create richer colours and increase longevity.
  • Apply from light to dark to give more control with blending, using a lighter colour over the lid and a smaller amount of a deeper shade on your outer crease.
  • Invest in at least two good-quality brushes to ensure proper application such as a short hair brush for applying colour to lids and a larger domed brush for blending. 
  • A wet brush equals richer pigment—if you want to intensify a shade, just add water.


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