Eyeliners can define and accentuate the contours of your eye to create subtle to dramatic looks and enhance your eyes for day or night.


Types of eyeliner 


Pencil liners

Pencil eyeliners are available in a vast multitude of colours, making them a trusty favourite that can be found in just about everyone’s makeup bag. Easy to maneuver, pencil liners can get really close to the roots of your lashes and even right between them, plus they’re ideal for your waterline.


Liquid liners

Liquid eyeliners are usually felt tip liners that look like pens and are great for creating sharp, controlled lines that are smudge-proof and long-lasting. Ideal for dramatic winged-eye and feline looks that require delicacy and precision, slim built-in applicators make it possible to get really thin, subtle lines that swoop or flick. The defined yet inky finish of liquid eyeliners also makes them perfect for adding a little darkness to upper lash lines.


Gel liners

Gel eyeliners come in a small pot, usually with a brush included, although you can also switch up that brush to get different results. Thanks to an ultra-smooth formula that is easy to control before it sets, smudge proof gel can be used to create everything from a soft, smoky look to boldly defined cat’s eyes. The perfect balance between liquid liners and pencils, gel eyeliners offer the precision of liquid with the blendability of a pencil-based formula.


What to look for in a good eyeliner

Eye pencils are the easiest ‘go-to’ liners for adding depth to your waterline—an absolute no-no for liquid liners. Look for quality pencils that are solid enough to create fairly defined lines but soft enough to glide smoothly across the skin without pulling it. Liquid and gel eyeliners work wonders for mastering flawless winged or cat eyes, providing a solid dose of inky colour in a single application. A good quality one will allow you to smudge it easily, or layer eyeshadow on top, for a subtle everyday look that’s not too harsh. The best liquid liners are easy to hold and control, and they come in a range of thicknesses and tip shapes too.


Tips for applying eyeliner 

  • For a flawless winged or cat-eye look, hold a business card diagonally against the corner of your eye to help direct the flick.
  • If you're just starting out with liquid liner, create small dots along the lash line first, then slowly connect with your eyeliner brush.
  • Instead of free-handing it, place your elbow on a flat surface to stabilise yourself as much as possible for fewer jerky mess-ups.
  • If things do get a little messy, rather than starting from scratch, fix slip-ups with a cotton tip dipped in makeup remover.
  • Use a primer before applying your eyeliner to create a base that will give it lasting power. 



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