Concealers come in a variety of forms, shapes and colours to cover and camouflage blemishes, imperfections, dark circles and skin redness for an instantly flawless complexion.


Types of concealer



Liquid concealer is the most versatile kind as it suits all skin types and is great for covering minimal under eye circles and redness. Easy to apply, coverage is buildable and ranges from light to full. You can find different finishes; dewy, satin, matte, and shimmer. Liquid concealer also works well for covering pimples.



Stick concealers have a semi-solid texture which makes them ideal for covering dark circles and small imperfections. Super compact for touching up skin on-the-go, coverage is buildable, ranging from medium to full. Richly pigmented, finishes include satin and matte. Stick concealers can be dotted on the skin or swiped on and then blended with a concealer brush to smooth out edges. 



Pen concealers are luminous and light reflecting, so they’re great for camouflaging dark under-eye circles and signs of fatigue. With a sheer, super lightweight formula, they work well for light coverage. Perfect for all skin types, concealer pens can also be used to highlight parts of your face or favorite feature. 



Cream concealers are often packaged in small pots, palettes, or compacts. Known for their thick and creamy texture, they’re the ultimate solution for hiding discolouration and provide medium to intense coverage. Cream concealers are also one of the best options for under the eyes and help you look bright and fresh on less than 8 hours of sleep.


What to look for in a good concealer

Choose your concealer according to your individual skin type and concerns. Do you have dark under-eye circles to cover? Blemishes or imperfections? A scar? Depending on your complexion and what you want to correct, you may need more than one type or shade. If you have dry skin, avoid concealers with a matte finish as they can emphasise dryness. For oily skins or if you are prone to break-outs, don’t go for creamy concealers as they can clog pores and add an oily shine. Instead, look for a liquid formula that’s non-comedogenic and oil-free.


Tips for applying concealer


  • Choose a concealer that matches your foundation exactly
  • For dark circles, you’ll want a shade or two lighter than your skin tone
  • Apply your foundation before your concealer so you can use your foundation to carefully blend in any seams.
  • Create the illusion that your face is lifted by applying concealer under the eyes in a triangle shape that points towards your cheek and draws attention upwards. 
  • If your concealer tends to look cakey or settles into creases, set it off with loose or pressed powder for more staying power.


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