All About Semi Permanent Hair Colours


Semi-permanent hair colours enhance your hair with a rich, natural colour shine that lasts for up to 8 - 10 washes without the commitment of permanent hair colouring.


Types of semi-permanent hair colour


Semi-permanent hair colour bases vary from one brand to another and can come in the form of cream, liquid, mousse and gel.



Semi-permanent cream bases have an exceptional richness, providing hair that is colour intense and shining with health. The cream consistency allows for easy application and maximum coverage for blending the first signs of grey with your natural hair colour.



Liquid colour formulas are great if you want high definition and added shine. They are also customisable so you can blend shades to make the result as subtle or dramatic as you would like during the colouring process.



Mousse hair colour treatments are popular for their ability to go on quickly and spread easily without running, so you don’t have to be concerned about them dripping down your forehead or neck. Foam application also makes it simpler to target hard-to-reach places.



What to look for in a good semi-permanent hair colour


The best semi-permanent hair colours are easy to use, fast-developing applications that can be applied straight onto your hair. That means that it does not require mixing with a developer, so you can apply them directly onto hair from the applicator. A good semi-permanent hair colour also conditions the hair with acidic formulations that moisturise and smooth the cuticle.


When applying the colour, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for best results.

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