Dry Shampoo Explained

Ladies meet your new BFF. For the days when you just can’t be bothered. You know the days when the very thought of shampooing, conditioning and styling your hair makes you want to roll over and throw the doona over your head. The effort – right? Just reach for Dry Shampoo, and hey presto, you got some pep in your step. A few shakes and dark, oily, thin hair looks and feels fresh and clean. It’s like sprinkling magic fairy dust and with all the different shampoos available there’s a whole range of awesome scents to choose from.

Some reasons we love Dry Shampoo:

  • It is the number one way to prolong your blowout. A day or two after the hairdressers when the flatness arrives, a few spritzes will have fullness and bounce back.
  • Red face, sweaty mess, limp hair? Is that a post work out glow? Revive that hair with some dry shampoo and bring the volume and fullness back. 
  • Dry shampoo sops up oily hair, giving a textured boost at the roots, and many brands promise nourishing scalp health.
  • Using Dry Shampoo means you lessen the damaging effects of over washing and heat styling. Keeping your tresses in good order.
  • It adds grip for styling, so your hair spray, gels or creams will work even better.
  • You just feel cleaner.
  • You can match to light or dark hair, and there’s no fear of getting any powdery build up.

Take your mornings back. Buy yourself and extra 20 minutes in bed by skipping the shampooing and conditioning treatment. Your hair doesn’t need it as much as you need sleep! Here at glamaCo we’re thrilled to stock the best possible choice of Dry Shampoos. Buy online now or shop in store.

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