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Indola Profession Rapid Blond Blue Bleach 450g

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Bleach Powder Lighteners Explained

There’s really nothing more transformative or powerful than switching hair colours and going blonde. There are a ridiculous amount of toning shades to choose from; ash, caramel, bronde, platinum, golden, honey. The good news is blonde hair goes with everything. Here at glamaCo we are thrilled to have such a wide variety of bleach powder lighteners to bring the blonde experience to your salon. We’re just offering you, the artists, the tools for your trade.

What do bleach powder lighteners do?

When you want to lighten your hair, a lightener can be used. They can be used on colour treated hair or on virgin hair.

Tips to choose the right one:

  • It depends on your clients needs, a full platinum versus balayage requires a different product, so make sure you choose the right one.
  • Should be simple to use with clear instructions.
  • Gentle on scalp and roots.
  • Choose a versatile powder for tipping, streaking or painting.
  • Remember bleaching is a powerful process, so all bleaching hair should be checked in on every 10 – 15 minutes.

With the right product, you’ll be able to provide professional, brilliant and long-lasting results.

Here at glamaCo we are proud to stock the best possible choice in bleach powder lighteners. We’ve got this, so you can too. Decide what works for you and your glam style. Take a look online or shop in store.

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