Wax Heaters Explained

The worst part about getting a wax….is getting a wax. It’s a teeth clenching, white knuckle ride that we all want to be over as quickly as possible. But it is the best way to get silky smooth skin. So, if you’re in between salon appointments, or have decided to take the matter into your own hands (literally) we’ve found that at home wax heaters can be as close as possible to a salon experience. If you’re a regular waxer there are so many benefits to having one of these at home:

Even Heating. There’s no microwave involved. That means no scalding hot patches and clumpy bits of unmelted wax. No running back and forth to the microwave with half waxed legs either! Just a smooth even melt that you can coat on for a perfect texture.

Temperature Controls. Most heaters allow different temperature settings, this allows for different brands of wax to be used, you can pick and choose your favourite. Just make sure it can fit in the heater.

Saves Money. The unused wax can stay in the pot for next time, so you don’t have to keep buying more.

How to wax:

Exfoliate, clean the skin and make sure it’s dry before applying any warm wax. Put the wax on in the direction of the hair growth and pull in the opposite direction. Then gently exhale or scream like a lunatic (your choice). Place a hand on the just waxed skin (this helps to calm it down). The more you wax the thinner the hair follicles become and the easier the process gets. Here at glamaCo we are proud to stock the best possible choice in wax heaters. We’ve got this, so you can too. Decide what works for you and your glam style. Take a look online or shop in store today.

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