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Hair Straighteners Explained

The hair straightener is the unsung hero of our morning routine. It’s a household necessity, like Netflix and ice-cream. Without one we’re a frizzy, dishevelled mess trying to hold it all together. With one, we’ve got more pizazz than Beyonces back-up dancers. But hey ho, it can be a madly confusing world trying to choose the best one for you. We’ve put together a few questions and answers to help understand the low down on what’s what with hair straighteners.

What will a straightener do?

It doesn’t just straighten your hair, it’s for overall styling, including waves and curls. It can also add shine and that sleek, polished look.

Why are some ceramic and some titanium – what does that even mean?

Good question. Ceramic and titanium are the most popular plates used in styling irons and yes, there’s a difference. Ceramic plates work best on hair that’s easy to straighten, so think lighter, thinner hair. Ceramic plates don’t get as hot as titanium plates, which heat up faster and get to a higher temperature. Titanium works best on difficult or coarser hair. Most professional salons use straightening irons with titanium plates.

Will a straightener damage my hair?

It’s definitely a concern that the intense heat can dry out their hair, making it more vulnerable to breakages like split ends. Thankfully, there are heaps of ways to prevent this from happening. For starters, well-moisturised hair starts in the shower with a good conditioner, we also advise that you use a heat protection cream to create a barrier between your hair and the heat of the straighteners. You don’t need to have the straightener up full blast. A low to moderate heat for everyday use can work just as well. Treat your hair to a weekly masque to ensure hair happiness too.

Take your pick. Decide what works for you and your glam style. glamaCo has lots of straighteners available from all the best brands and yes, you guessed it, great prices. Take a look online or shop in store today.

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