Spray Tan Machine Kits and Guns


Spray tan machines allow everyone to become the ultimate tanning expert with professional results every time without damaging the skin or risking skin cancer through exposure to the harmful effects of the sun. Quick and easy to use, spray tan machines provide salons and at-home tanners with the ability to easily control how light or dark bronze you wish to be and to customise shades for a beautiful, streak-free finish that is most flattering to your skin colour.


Types of spray tan machines


Spray tan guns

Spray tan guns deliver a superior spray tan experience with fully adjustable, low consumption, high-performance results for professional salon and at-home use. Long lasting parts and a reliable ultra-fine mist spray application provides a fast, flawless and streak-free bronzed tan in minutes. 


Personal spray tan kits

Personal spray tan kits are lightweight handheld spray tan systems that combine a spray gun and machine in one compact unit. Easy to use yet designed to achieve amazing spray tanning results at home, they deliver a fine mist onto the skin for a perfect before and after spray for every part of your body.  


What to look for in a good spray tan machine


The best spray tan machines are durable, lightweight mobile systems you can take with you wherever you go. Whisper quiet and simple to operate, today’s spray-tan machines are fully adjustable, modern marvels of efficiency with low or zero overspray that make it easy and cost-effective to achieve a bronze looking tan on every skin and body type. 


Tips for using a spray tan machine


  1. Use a loofah, dry brushing or oil-free body scrub to exfoliate prior to your spray tan. 
  1. Apply an oil-free moisturiser or body butter to dry areas such as hand, elbows, knees and feet that are more prone to grabbing solution.
  2. Begin the spray application process from your feet, working your way up your body in small sections from side to side.
  3. Hold the device between 5 and 15 centimetres from your body depending on the machine being used, applying the tanning solution in light, even layers.
  4. Wear loose, dark clothing after your spray tan and wait 2-8 hours before showering, bathing or swimming to allow the colour to develop and avoid streaks. 
  5. Gently pat yourself dry after showering rather than rubbing.
  6. In the days following, use a moisturiser or body lotion to help retain your tan and keep it looking fresh for longer. 
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