We’ve been praying hard to the beauty Gods for a while now for help in the hair styling department. If you’re like us, you know all about lacking in basic coordination to hold a hairbrush, dryer or a straightener (seriously – how do hairdressers do it?). If you’ve never learned the necessary skills to weave our hair into flawless rippling curls, you will be as excited as we are to say hello to some Hot Air Brushes. The easy way to create bouncy waves from the comfort of your own bathroom. glamaCo has a whole range to choose from. But what are they, how do they work and which one do you need for that polished blow wave look? What is a Hot Air Brush? It’s a magic combination of a round brush and a hairdryer in one. How does it work? The brush bristles detangle your hair and the heat dries, styles and smooths it. Use on damp or towel-dried hair and pull it through while applying hot air and twirling it slightly. You just hold the brush in place for a few seconds and release. It will glide through easily, even on the toughest of hair textures. Which ones which? The main choices to make are around curls, tight and springy or long and bouncy. The choice is yours – how exciting! The width of the barrel makes all the difference too. The smaller the barrel the tighter the curl. A larger barrel allows for loose, beachy, casual yet stylishly polished waves. Styling tips Wrap curls pulling away from the face. For long hair, let the curls fall from below the ear for a low maintenance, groomed but chill vibe. Take your pick. Decide what works for you and your style. glamaCo has a heap of Hot Air Brushes available from all the best brands and yes, you guessed it, great prices. Take a look online or shop in store today.

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