Our Range of Hair Clippers Explained

Looking for a new pair of hair clippers to maintain that sharp look you’ve come to love? If you are then maybe you’re wondering whether to go for a corded hair clipper or a cordless one and what the difference between them is.

Cordless hair clippers are becoming increasingly popular lately mostly due to the sheer convenience they offer and the ongoing advancements in battery technology, which means that their corded counterparts no longer have the advantages they used to.

While both corded and cordless hair clippers give great results, it is true to say that there are pros and cons to each and that which type is right for you will depend largely on personal preference and your lifestyle.

Let’s state the obvious! The most notable difference between these two types of hair clippers is that cordless hair clippers rely on their rechargeable battery for power while corded clippers have a permanently attached power cord.


Corded vs Cordless Hair Clippers – Pros and Cons


Corded Hair Clippers

Corded hair clippers have the obvious advantage of never running out of power and because you just plug them in and you’re ready to go there is no waiting around for flat batteries to recharge.

However, you’ll have much less freedom of movement with corded clippers and the power cord can sometimes get in the way while you’re using them. 


Cordless Hair Clippers

Cordless hair clippers have their pros and cons too. The most obvious plus of choosing to go cordless is the freedom of movement you get. Some people also love the fact that there is no annoying cord to get tangled up in and if you travel often then cordless might be the way to go.

The downside of using cordless hair clippers is that they do need to be recharged regularly and if you forget then you’ll likely be waiting around for them to recharge.

As with so many modern gadgets, whether you choose to go corded or cordless with your next pair of clippers is largely down to your lifestyle, preferences, and requirements.

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